Death Threats Made to Bobby Kennedy by Eli Lilly Revealed to New Zealander

Juliet Bonnay | 6 Sep 2023

Eli Lilly told Attorney General Ramsey Clark to get Bobby to back off re-opening the investigation into his brother’s assassination. Or else…

Bobby Kennedy gives speech on the night Martin Luther King was assassinated.

The only thing in the world that can bring the country back to sanity is bringing out the truth – the whole Truth and nothing but the truth for the entire people of the country to see and to know that there is nothing, nothing at all left hanging over their heads. ~ Det Sgt Gary Wean on the unsolved Kennedy assassinations.

Ramsey Clark’s death on April 9, 2021 caused me to reflect upon a radio interview that mentioned the former U.S. Attorney General (March 10, 1967 to Jan. 20, 1969) in association with a death threat a few months before Bobby Kennedy was gunned down in June 1968. Clark was told to get Bobby to back off re-opening the investigation into JFK’s assassination. Or else…

I learned of this secret threat from a very unexpected source. Some years ago I clicked into a 2006 radio interview that contained information about the Lockerbie crash I was researching, curious about what a New Zealander would know about it. The interviewer, Dave Starbuck, introduced Dean Warwick as a whistle blower, a former intelligence insider who had “no qualms about going public,” and that he “has a very interesting story to tell.” Make that ‘a number of stories’.

One of Warwick’s many shocking and hard-to-believe stories revealed his personal experience of events surrounding Bobby Kennedy’s murder. Warwick was stationed in Los Angeles and working with a foreign government, for which the State Department and the FBI had interviewed him earlier that year. The following is a transcript from his interview with Starbuck about what happened that night and the following day.   

21:45 Here’s what happened with Bobby Kennedy. So, my instructions were that night that I was to be in Coconut Grove, mingle with the crowd, and always it was if anything happens at all, create confusion, and out of that just do something. So, I’ve got a friend of mine, Ralph, who’s in the front seat of the car who had been a speaker at Bobby’s junior campaign. We get to the Bank of America Building on Wilshire Boulevard, which is about one or two stops from the entrance to the hotel [Ambassador Hotel], and I hear four shots over the radio, and I thought, “My God…something’s happened. I stop the car, and then immediately I duck in the driveway. And that saved me again, because I would learn later that just after we’d entered the entrance to the driveway, the tall lanky guy and the girl in the polka dot skirt had come running down the path and shouting, “We’ve done it, we’ve done it. We’ve killed Bobby Kennedy.” And of course, had I seen that, witnessed that, I’d have probably followed them and I would have been a number just like they turned out to be. They turned up a couple of weeks later with their throats cut.

23:02  Anyway, I get into the entrance to the hotel, and I get into the ballroom, and I’m wandering, and I’m hearing in my head the voices, “Those three men…those three men.” So I go to the phone, I rang my boss, and he says, “Right you’ve got the British Consulate General and his family, they’re at such and such, pick them up, secure them, and we’ll be in touch. I do that and I drop them back at their house and then park the car… [After about an hour] the butler comes to the door and he waves me in. It’s my boss. He says, “Right, you gotta swap over, you go home, you’ve got the Attorney General’s Office, you do whatever he wants. You stick with him.”…

24:20 – The phone rings at about ten to one. The voice at the other end says, “The Attorney General’s Office. Now, we’ve got a problem here. We can’t use any regulars for this, we got to use a freelance. We’ve heard of you Dean, we know what you’re capable of. Are you prepared to do this for us? I said, “Of course.” He says, “Right, … at eleven o’clock… district attorney [meant to say, ‘Attorney General’]. Pick him up. Secure him. Stay with him. Whatever he wants, could you maintain him? Don’t use any main roads, any cops, lose them. You know how to do it…

24:60 – So I get this man from, again, in fact from the same side of the airport where I’d taken the other Iranian official that’d nearly been picked up in that event in Disneyland and we drive in silence…

25:20 – About ten minutes from where I am going to secure him, and he breaks his silence and he says, “We’ve got a problem.” He said he’d been under threat for three months with Eli Lilly, the drug baron. He said that if Bobby didn’t shut up… and pull back from re-opening his brother’s assassination, he’d do him the same as he’d done Jack.”

So it was Eli Lilly who did the president… I came out with the remark, “How the hell are you going to make that public? I said there’d be the third world war out there. The people… they’re absolutely crazy, they’re mad. They were mad before this happened… As to the event with Jack and they were demanding Bobby do this, Bobby do… They find out that it was…what, one of the country’s leading businessmen?”

He said, “That’s the trouble, Dean. There’s going to have to be a scapegoat.”

I drive for a few seconds and then I said, “Well, I guess he thinks he did it, you’re just going to have to let him believe it.”

26:30 – Sirhan Sirhan… the only bullet from Sirhan’s gun to hit Bobby Kennedy, hit him in the front of the left shoulder. They got three other bullets from three other guns and that’s significant, if anybody knows how it works: one in the back of Bobby’s head, one in the back of his neck, one in the back of the shoulder blades, and that was confirmed to me a matter of months later by another attorney who had been given a role within the defense side of things in the United California Bank on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Santa Monica, who told me again, that they had this number of bullets from the back of Bobby. So anyway, this … investigating attorney, he says to me, “You want to know what it’s about, Dean? Read the closing presidential address of Eisenhower.”

You may now be asking, “Why would the head of a pharmaceutical company want to kill President Kennedy, and after the fact then threaten Bobby Kennedy’s life if he opened an investigation into his brother’s death should he become president? What possible gripe could Eli Lilly have with JFK that would eventually lead to his assassination?” I will get to that, but first the serious implications that Warwick revealed during his interview with Starbuck may have caused those who deliver ‘justice’ from behind the scenes to spring into damage control mode, for Dean Warwick paid for his outspokenness with his life a few weeks later in a most dramatic way, and the lid was slammed shut on this secret.

On 7 October 2006, Warwick was on stage in front of a packed auditorium at the Probe International Conference in Blackpool, intending to elaborate upon what he divulged in his interview with Dave Starbuck. According to Starbuck, he was just “starting to hit his stride,” about to reveal who was behind Bobby Kennedy’s murder, the name of the ‘Anti-Christ’, what was happening to the missing children, and much more besides when Warwick said, “Bear with me for a moment.”

Supporting himself momentarily with his left elbow on a nearby table and his right arm across his body, he keeled over flat on his face. According to some witnesses he was dead before he hit the floor.


Warwick was 62 and in good health. But he made a chilling remark to someone just before his talk, “I think I’m going to be bumped off.” He said he felt a “beam” or “burning” at the side of his head.  

According to James Casbolt, who had previously worked with Warwick, he had only revealed a fraction of what he knew in the Starbuck interview, and he had gone to the conference hoping to talk him into fully blowing the whistle. Casbolt wrote of Warwick’s death:

When Dean collapsed on the floor a woman witnessed a man with dark hair slip out of the hall. She followed this man who then proceeded to walk down the stairs whistling merrily to himself, get into a car and make a phone call. He was then seen laughing down the phone to whoever he was speaking to. Who walks out of a hall whistling happily to themselves and then starts laughing down the phone after a man has just collapsed and stopped breathing on stage?

All of these events point to the fact that this was an Intelligence agency ‘hit’ using an E.L.F (extremely low frequency) weapon. These E.L.F weapons can be set on a ‘Delta wave‘ and are able to shut a person’s nervous system down.

Much of this technology has been perfected on the 4th level of the CIA underground Dulce facility in the New Mexico desert. The fourth level of this underground base deals with technological aspects of Human aura research, dream manipulation, hypnosis, telepathy and advanced mind control. The E.L.F weapons ‘suck’ the life out the victim’s body and Dean literally ‘fell asleep’ on his feet.

I was in tears and I walked past my friend Ellis who stared me right in the eyes with a look that said, “We both know exactly what happened then.” Dean Warwick was a very brave man who died fighting for our freedom.


This leads to important questions: What secrets did Eli Lilly harbor that would motivate him to kill a sitting president and, by uncovering those secrets, where would it lead?

The first secret was the polio vaccination scandal covered up by the Eisenhower Administration. It was such a high-level secret that it was given the label of ‘National Security’. John Kennedy inherited that secret as president, along with the CIA’s already planned attack on Cuba.

I discovered this at the beginning of the Covid saga when many people raised questions about the safety of vaccines hurriedly developed to fight Covid-19. The few discussions I had with random people about this usually ended when they pointed out the thousands of lives the Salk polio vaccine saved. And then…I stumbled upon the “Cutter incident” – a huge scandal over the Salk polio vaccine that forced the Eisenhower Government into urgent damage control mode, of which most people are unaware.

In 1952,  a record 57,000 children were affected by polio in the US – almost doubling the number from previous years. This created a sense of urgency to make a vaccine to combat it. In 1954, when Jonas Salk’s vaccine (based on live polio virus killed by formaldehyde) was proven to be ‘safe and effective’, tremendous media coverage created a large political impact, and government agencies commissioned five companies to produce it – including Eli Lilly, who was first to mass produce Salk’s vaccine and produced 60 percent of it in 1955.

3 However a serious problem occurred when the production requirements for these laboratories were less stringent than those established by Salk and the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.

In late 1954 before the mass vaccination program began in April 1955, Dr. Bernice Eddy, a veteran scientist working at the NIH in Bethesda, was asked to help examine samples submitted by the companies making the polio vaccine. Dr. Eddy discovered that three of six samples submitted by Cutter Laboratories contained live, infectious virus. When warnings of her findings (along with photos of her paralyzed monkeys) were ignored or drowned out by the triumphant hysteria of the moment that a polio vaccine worked, she expressed her fear to a friend that there will be a disaster.

In 1955 40,000 children in California and Idaho became ill after having receiving the vaccine, 169 became permanently paralyzed, and 10 children died. After the fact it was discovered that some vaccination lots from Cutter Laboratories contained live polio virus.

On April 27, 1955 on government orders, the remaining Cutter vaccines of the initial 120,000 doses were withdrawn. Within the Eisenhower government’s damage control many heads rolled, but the story did not end there. Worse was to come besides the numerous lawsuits filed against Cutter Laboratories and three other companies that had difficulty completely inactivating the polio virus.

Albert Sabin appeared to save the situation by developing a supposedly safer vaccine using an attenuated or weakened live virus, which came into commercial use in 1961. However, in 1957 Bernice Eddy and her friend Dr Sarah Stewart discovered that the polyoma virus produced several types of cancer in her hamsters and mice, proving that some cancers are caused by viruses.

4 In the Yale laboratory it was discovered that this polyoma virus acted like Simian Virus #40 (SV-40), a monkey virus that caused cancer.

Eddy knew that the polio virus was grown on monkey kidneys and when removed it also contained unknown monkey viruses. While not a danger to their host, these viruses could be dangerous to other species. Alarmed by this she secretly began her own research and learned that the simian virus (SV-40) could cross the species barrier. Eddy knew that a medical catastrophe of unprecedented proportions could await the generation inoculated by the polio vaccines: an epidemic of soft-tissue cancers – lung, breast, prostate, lymphoma, and melanoma of the skin.

The NIH bosses were furious with Bernice Eddy for revealing her findings at a talk she gave to the New York Cancer Society in the lead up to the 1960 presidential election, and crushed her professionally. The government, anxious not to destroy public confidence and trust in vaccines, kept this information secret to “avoid public hysteria.”


Ed Haslam in his book, Dr Mary’s Monkey, first published in 2007, looked into the cancer statistics published by the National Cancer Institute in 1989, which made two things clear:

  1. We were losing the war on cancer, and
  2. We were in the midst of an ongoing cancer epidemic6

Haslam wrote:

“Nixon had been given the task of rebuilding NIH in 1955, after the disastrous introduction of Salk’s polio vaccine had killed dozens of children, and given others polio. He had signed off on Sabin’s new polio vaccine. In fact, in terms of domestic casualties, he was holding the bag for the biggest problem in the nation. It threatened to destroy the careers and reputations of everyone involved. The legal liabilities were astronomical. The political consequences were incalculable. It would have been the most political sensitive secret in America… Disclosure was unacceptable.”


Disclosure would have ended Nixon’s political career – something he had to avoid at all cost while running for president against JFK. The problem then became so secret it was classified “national security.”

Since Eli Lilly was the biggest producer of the Salk vaccine, what did this mean for them – billions of dollars in lawsuits? What about the liability of government agencies that had tested and approved the vaccine? How did John Kennedy handle this top-secret affair when it was dumped in his lap after he became president? Did it place him in the crosshairs of vested interests?

Dr Alton Ochsner, a former president of the American Cancer Society, who had a stake in one of the polio vaccine-making companies, Wyeth, and had given his two grandchildren the first of the polio vaccinations, which killed his grandson and paralyzed his granddaughter, took on the task of trying to find a way of developing a vaccine to make the monkey virus benign. It was a top-secret project, and may have been the reason for his frequent trips to Washington. To assist him, highly respected Dr. Mary Sherman who headed the cancer laboratory at his Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans, agreed to work on this secret project. In her post-graduate work she was trained at the University of Chicago’s nuclear, bio-chemical, and genetic research laboratories, where the first American nuclear accelerator was constructed.


Dr. Sherman had publicly protested the marketing of the SV-40 contaminated polio vaccines until she started receiving threatening phone calls. Although she was told that new vaccine batches would be free of the cancerous virus, she doubted it, knowing that the huge stockpile of contaminated vaccines had not been recalled. So while the government continued distributing millions of doses in America and abroad, she began the work to diffuse the virus using a linear particle accelerator to zap it with radiation.

To add credence to this unbelievable scandal, Dr. John Rengen Virapen, who was an executive at Eli Lilly and Company for ten years (and had bribed the Swedish Government to register Eli Lilly’s Prozac), had this to say about whether Big Pharma recalled drugs that killed people:

When cars are put on the market and then found to have a fault, they are recalled and the fault is fixed. However, when a pharmaceutical company brings a drug that is killing people, what happens? The stupid politicians and the authorities, they say, ‘Ah, okay, ah why don’t you guys go back and take a look to see what’s wrong and see if you can fix the problem, and still sell the drug.’ These companies still keep on selling the drugs.


As for those who were convinced that vaccines had eliminated polio, they obviously had not read a featured story in the Washington Post on January 26, 1988 reporting that all cases of polio since 1979 had been caused by the polio vaccine itself. This announcement was made at a national conference held in Washington:

“In fact, all the cases in America come from the vaccine. The naturally occurring (or wild type) polio virus has not been shown to cause a single case of polio in the United States since 1979.”


By the beginning of summer in 1963 Drs Ochsner and Sherman had reached a stalemate on the project to make the cancer caused by the polio vaccine benign. Dr Ochsner employed an assistant for Dr. Sherman, almost twenty-year-old Judyth Vary Baker, a highly talented budding scientist who ‘oozed serendipity’ and had for years wanted to find a cure for cancer. But here is where the story takes a sudden twist and enters a sinister twilight zone, as told in Judyth Vary Baker’s own words in her 2010 book, Me and Lee, “Lee” being Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of President Kennedy. She wrote of this first meeting at Dr Sherman’s apartment for lunch, where Dave Ferrie

11 (a friend of Sherman’s and also involved in the project working with the CIA) was also present.

When Dr Mary told her that although they had not been able to find a way to make the simian virus benign, they “may have hit upon a viable means to eliminate Fidel Castro, by what will appear to be wholly natural causes.”

Dave Ferrie added:

“No more poison pills, bazookas, or exploding cigars… The beard is onto all that. Everything’s been tried.” Dave lit a new cigarette before his other cigarette was finished.” We worked together,” he went on. “All of us. The anti-Castro people. The CIA. Cosa Nostra. The best mercenaries in the world, but he’s defied the odds…”

“We became a machine ready to kill troublemakers who threatened American interests anywhere in the world. It was supposed to be able to wipe out Fidel,” Dave said as he studied his cigarette and took another deep drag. “The problem is that a certain man says he will dismantle our machine if it doesn’t obey him. This man is the most dangerous threat to America of all. He is soft on Communism. He refuses to go to war. He lets his baby brother go after the Mob, and errant generals. He plans to retire Hoover and wants to tax ‘Big Oil.’ He thinks he can get away with it because he’s the Commander-in-Chief…”

“They’ll execute him,” Dave said, “reminding future Presidents who really controls this country…those who rise to the top will gain everything they ever hoped for, and look the other way.”

Dave’s hands trembled as he spoke. His nerves were as raw as his voice… “If Castro dies first, we think the man’s life might be spared.”

“How?” I asked, as the weight of his comments began to sink in.

“If Castro dies, they’ll start jockeying for power over Cuba,” Dave said. “It will divide the coalition that is forming. It may save the man’s life.”

“Where…how did you get this information?” I pursued.

“You’re very young, Dr. Sherman said. “But you have to trust us, just as we have to trust you. If we were really with them, you wouldn’t be privy to this information. These people have the motive, the means, and the opportunity. They will seem as innocent as doves. But they’re deadly as vipers.”


Eli Lilly provided some, if not all, of the chemicals used in this bio-weapon project. Oswald was to procure whatever chemicals Judyth Vary Baker needed in her bid to make a deadly cancer-causing bio-weapon, which she succeeded in doing by the end of summer. And it could kill a person in just 28 days. When Oswald went to Mexico to deliver this concoction to a contact to take to Cuba, the contact didn’t show. This was the main reason for his presence in Mexico, and to lay an assassin’s trail that would lead right to Castro’s door for the ‘fake assassination’ attempt that E. Howard Hunt had planned as the Big Event.

It was perhaps no coincidence, therefore, that the night before the Warren Commission was due to start questioning people in New Orleans, Dr Mary Sherman was brutally murdered. David Ferrie’s life would end just prior to Jim Garrison’s 1969 trial of Clay Shaw for conspiring to assassinate President Kennedy. The CIA went into damage control mode after Shaw’s arrest, as is clearly evident from the following CIA memo released in 1998:

Was this why Ramsey Clark lied after Shaw’s arrest and said that Shaw “was included in an investigation in November and December of 1963 and on the evidence that the FBI has, there was no connection found between Shaw and the President’s assassination”? 

13The New York Times later reported on 3 June that a Justice Department spokesman said that Mr Clark’s statement regarding Clay Shaw had been “in error” and the FBI had not investigated him. 


In Ramsey Clark’s final act of defiance against Jim Garrison, on 25 January 1969, his final day as Attorney General, he ordered the Justice Department to “withhold from Jim Garrison, the X-Rays and photographs from the autopsy of John F. Kennedy.” 


If one was to pull the Clay Shaw thread it would reveal numerous key players. He was connected with Oswald and Ferrie, and to Dr Mary Sherman and Dr Alton Ochsner. It was Shaw who drove Oswald and Ferrie to Jackson for Ferrie to inject the ‘human guinea pig(s)’ with the cancer bio-weapon cocktail.

16 Dr Ochsner was connected to Hale Boggs who was on the Warren Commission, and to the CIA who provided the linear particle accelerator for the bio-weapons project. The Project also connected to Eli Lilly, and to the polio vaccine cover-up. Eli Lilly also connected to the CIA’s MK-Ultra mind control program as the maker of LSD used extensively in it.

In the video below, Dr Colin Ross describes some of what he discovered when he filed an FOIA search with the CIA on their mind control programs, which were secret until the mid-seventies and wrecked the lives of many unsuspecting American “guinea pigs.” He was alerted to MK-Ultra when patients with multiple personalities sought his help. He said that MK-Ultra became MK-Search, which ran until 1972-1973, after which all documents are classified.

Mind control programs were initially interrogation programs used on Russian defectors housed at Camp King in Germany’s Oberursel after WWII. From there dots connect to the CIA’s Operation Paperclip that brought about 1,600 Nazi doctors and scientists into America, many who should have gone on trial at Nuremberg for war crimes. It was John McCloy who waived all opposition to many of them entering America and taking up prime positions in the Military Industrial Complex.

McCloy, former President of the World Bank, became High Commissioner of post-war Germany for three years. He was connected to those in high places, including the Rockefellers who, in 1928 joined forces with Germany’s I.G. Farben, one of the world’s largest chemical and drug cartels, to create “the largest and most powerful cartel the world has ever known.”


I.G. Farben secretly financed Hitler’s rise to power and, during the Nuremberg trials, it came to light that I.G. Farben’s business leaders had controlled the Nazi state. In his opening statement at the Nuremberg trials, Telford Taylor, US Chief Prosecutor, said of the I.G. Farben executives on trial for war crimes:

Their purpose was to turn the German nation into a military machine so it could impose her dominion on Europe, and later, on other nations beyond the seas. They were the warp and woof of the dark mantle of death that settled over Europe.

Compare this with what David Rockefeller wrote in his book, Memoirs:

Some even believe we [Rockefeller family] are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – One World, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.

It is clear that the Rockefellers and I.G. Farben had a common cause.

During WWII, I.G. Farben operated slave labor camps that provided the Nazis with synthetic gasoline and rubber. They ran the concentration camps at Auschwitz and Buchenwald, and held the patent on Zyklon B, used to murder inmates at these camps. Their pharmaceutical departments also used concentration camp inmates for medical experiments and the testing of new and unknown vaccines. Thousands died in this way.

It was McCloy who granted clemency to Otto Ambros, production chief of I.G. Farben’s poison gas facilities, and co-discoverer of Sarin gas, convicted of mass murder and slavery. Under his Paperclip contract he went to work for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Later McCloy would turn up on the Warren Commission, along with former head of the CIA, Allen Dulles, who had ties to the I.G. Farben cartel through his partnership with the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell. It was Dulles who established the MK-Ultra mind control program on American soil.

When some of the CIA’s nefarious activities came to light during the Senate’s 1975 Church Committee, Senator Frank Church warned:

If this government ever became a tyrant, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back because the most careful effort to combine together in resistance to the government, no matter how privately it was done, is within the reach of the government to know.

Perhaps it is time to ask questions…lots of questions:

  • What was going on behind the scenes that these power-brokers did not want the American people to ever find out?
  • Since the CIA’s mind control programs appear to be ongoing, have they programmed thousands of people to create the crazy mayhem and chaos we are witnessing today with the woke and transgender insanity, riots, robbing and looting?
  • Who controls Eli Lilly? Is it a front for the CIA? Is it under the umbrella of the former I.G. Farben cartel? Concerning the ongoing Covid saga, consider this: Alex Azar, as health secretary from 2018-2021 and the driving force behind Operation Warp Speed, was hired by Eli Lilly in June 2007, and became president of its U.S. division from 2012-2017.
  • Did the Kennedy brothers get caught in the crosshairs of this dangerous cartel?
  • Why does it still matter today who killed President John F. Kennedy?

I will explore this further in another article.

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