American mRNA fanatics and health bureaucrats just made their worst decision yet

Alex Berenson | 14 Sep 2023

The Centers for Disease Control is about to push a new round of Covid boosters on healthy teenagers and adults, even as the rest of the world admits defeat and gives up on the jabs.

How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?

In April 1971, John Kerry famously asked the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that question.

Kerry was talking about the Vietnam War, but he might as well have meant the mRNA Covid jabs. Once again, the American elite refuses to accept a reality obvious to almost everyone else and drags out failed policies to save its pride.

(I won’t stop until they do. Help me fight.)

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On Tuesday afternoon, an advisory committee to the Centers for Disease Control recommended all Americans receive mRNA Covid boosters this fall. The CDC is already pressing full speed ahead with that terrible advice.

This morning, CDC director Dr. Mandy Cohen wrote in the New York Times that she, her husband, and her preteen daughters “will all be rolling up our sleeves to get our updated Covid-19 vaccines along with our flu shots soon. I hope you and the people you care about will do the same.”

Yet the CDCs own statistics show the mRNAs have now failed and boosters will quickly make no difference.

They become ineffective against Omicron variants of Covid within months, possibly weeks. “Updating” them – that is, changing the mRNA they contain, in an effort to keep current with the current variant – does not help.

Why? Imprinting from the original jabs makes our immune systems produce antibodies tailored to fight the now-extinct original coronavirus variant, no matter the specifics of the mRNA in the booster.

In its slide presentation to the CDC yesterday, Moderna simply ignored this fact by refusing to disclose how much better its new booster works against the original Sars-Cov-2 than the new variants. Pfizer didn’t even bother to offer data on how well the new shots work in humans. Instead, it presented data from 20 mice.

The evidence that the jabs now protect against hospitalization or serious illness is also much weaker than mRNA advocates claim.

The CDC reported yesterday the jabs have roughly 0 to 25 percent effectiveness against hospitalization within three to four months. (For several reasons I won’t repeat here, those estimates are likely biased upwards, in favor of the jabs.)

(See those dots at the bottom, the ones left of the vertical line? That’s the CDC reporting that vaccinated people are MORE likely to be hospitalized than unvaccinated ones with Omicron this year. Yes, you read that right. MORE likely.)


Health authorities originally promised the Covid vaccines needed at least 50 percent effectiveness for approval.

But the CDC’s own data show booster effectiveness against Omicron is nowhere near that level. Further, the mRNAs have much more severe side effects than flu shots, the only vaccines that are comparable in terms of their (lack of) effectiveness.

This combination makes the mRNAs a very bad bet – particularly for children, who are at miniscule risk of hospitalization or death from Covid.

The CDC itself estimated yesterday that 1 million mRNA boosters in adolescents would prevent at most one death from Covid (and probably zero), as well as roughly 10 Covid intensive care admissions.

(They said it, not me. The real numbers are probably significantly lower, as in zero, but this makes the point.)

(SOURCE (page 65))

At the same time, giving teenagers a million additional mRNA doses will cause anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 cases of severe short-term side effects, such as fevers and nausea.

They will also cause anywhere from 50 to 300 cases of myocarditis severe enough to cause hospitalization (depending on which estimates and what mix of Pfizer and Moderna shots are used).

That math has led most of the world, including JapanGermanyBritain, and Australia, to stop recommending Covid boosters for children and teenagers. In fact, the latter three countries no longer recommend Covid shots for the vast majority of people under 65.

(The fight for the truth isn’t over.)

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But the United States will not back down.

Admitting that most people won’t benefit from shots this fall would raise questions the CDC and White House cannot tolerate. So they are pushing on, no matter that their own (biased) data suggests they’re making a huge mistake.

The only good news is that the rejection of last fall’s booster campaign suggests what is happening now is mostly theater and the vast majority of Americans will ignore these recommendations.

But some will not.

They will trust the CDC – for themselves, or their parents, or their children.

And some of those – we will never know how many, but some, like this 27-year-old man – will pay the ultimate price.


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