Swedish government is opening up for stricter compulsory vaccination in pandemics

Samnytt | 18 Nov 2023

A few days ago, the government-ordered evaluation and investigation into covid vaccination and future pandemics was completed. The conclusion is that Sweden needs to increase preparedness by introducing more coercion and exceptional laws in the area.

It is the centre-party Riksdag profile Anders W Jonsson who has been tasked with evaluating how the mass vaccinations against covid worked and what needs to be done to meet the challenges that new pandemics may pose to Sweden.

The other day the investigation was completed and the Ministry of Social Affairs called a press conference to announce what Jonsson had arrived at. The investigator himself was on site, and Minister of Social Affairs Jakon Forssmed (KD) participated via video link.

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Abolished right to choose vaccine

The message to the assembled press was that the mass vaccinations worked well but need to work even better when the next angry virus strikes.

According to the government, what needs to be strengthened is the compulsory aspects of vaccination. Exemption laws need to be put in place, meaning that they deprive the person to be vaccinated of the right to choose between available vaccines and have it injected into the arm as dictated by the state based on what is logistically easiest.

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Easier to forcibly vaccinate children

Jonsson further explained that the parental code also needs to be reviewed. In the future, if it is deemed necessary, children at school can be forcibly vaccinated by Elevh√§lsan without parental consent.

They want to avoid the hassle that was identified during the covid pandemic where nurses could not stick the needle in the arm of all children as systematically as desired. This is because both of a child’s guardians were not caught or one of them got in the way.

– Here a change in the law should be made, that in the event of a pandemic and vaccination, then it does not apply in the Patient Act, stated the investigator.

The Minister of Social Affairs added that for the time being it will also be possible in the future for parents to say no to vaccination of children against pandemic viruses. But the state should be clearer in communicating to such parents that they are doing wrong and that having the children vaccinated ” is the wise choice “.

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Mentally ill and elderly with home care focus groups

The mentally ill are also a group where the investigator identifies a possible need for increased coercion. During the pandemic, fewer mentally ill people were vaccinated compared to the cross-section of the population.

The investigator has also looked at whether Home Services should be given an increased mandate to administer mass vaccination of the elderly. This is because you can see that older Swedes with home care did not choose to be vaccinated to the same extent as others.

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“Can save lives”

The increased coercion and emergency laws in pandemic times were justified at the press conference by the fact that it could save lives. During the covid pandemic, the death toll was high, but those who died were mainly old people with severely impaired health and advanced senility.

According to the investigation, what worked well during the covid pandemic was that Sweden aligned itself under the supranational EU instead of making national decisions. The conclusion is that Sweden should also in the future submit to directives from Brussels in the event of unpleasant virus outbreaks, which we are convinced will happen.

– There is no doubt that it will happen again, whether in a year or in eleven years, Jonsson stated.

The Minister of Social Affairs is secretive about his own vaccination

During the closing question period, the Minister of Social Affairs was asked by SVT’s emissary how many covid injections he himself had taken during the pandemic. He didn’t want to answer that.

– I have to come back to that question, was Forssmed’s answer.

The investigation will now be nailed down by the government, which will then take a position on which of the proposals it wants to implement and, if necessary, submit to the Riksdag in cases where legislative changes are required.

Will produce the “covid certificate”

One of the investigation’s directives has been to propose what is called “efforts to produce the covid evidence”. This is in response to the widespread criticism of the experimental and rapidly developed mRNA vaccines, their side effects, effectiveness and so on.

The next time such a discussion arises, you want to be better prepared to face the “misinformation” that you believe the mass vaccination skeptics are spreading.

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The press conference can be seen in its entirety below.


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