Deconstructing Helen Petousis-Harris’ Litany of Lies on The Platform

NZDSOS | 12 Dec 2023

Helen Petousis-Harris wrote a pandemic opinion piece It’s not the apocalypse, but yes, you should care, published on 20 February 2020. At this time, China – where around 30,000 deaths occur each day – had reported 2,121 Covid-related deaths across a period of about six weeks. A further seven Covid-related deaths had occurred outside China. Almost all of these deaths were defined using the flawed Corman-Drosten PCR test.

Nevertheless, Petousis-Harris was already referring to this as a pandemic. She advocated for high-cost vaccine investment following the business model of the Coalition for Preparedness and Innovation (CEPI), whilst warning about misinformation.

Petousis-Harris CEPI
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Brought to you by Pfizer, she has since written further on the issue of misinformation, under sponsorship of vested interests. It seems that the discipline of vaccinology is plagued by “infodemic” concerns.  Are conflicts of interest the reason?

Petousis-Harris Pfizer
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Three weeks after her apocalypse piece, Tedros Adhanom-Ghebreyesus declared the pandemic on 11 March 2020. Synchronous with his declaration, a sharp “covid peak” of deaths occurred in specific jurisdictions in North America and Europe simultaneously. Whilst there is clearly a respiratory virus circulating and causing severe illness in the vulnerable, described well by many frontline clinicians such as Dr Peter McCullough and the Covid-19 Frontline Critical Care Alliance, there are also very strong signals that medical harm has occurred en masse.

This has been written about by Professor Denis Rancourt and colleagues, and by Dr Jonathan Engler. The  circumstances varied by location but included inappropriate use of mechanical ventilation, as reported by Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell in New York City, and end of life treatment pathways such as Morphine and Midazolam in the UK (covered well by Maajid Nawaz in August 2022 and, most recently, Peter McCullough in December 2023), remdesivir as highlighted in the tragic story of Grace Schara, as well as a probable high incidence of other respiratory viral illness being misdiagnosed as covid.

These “COVID peak” characteristics, and a review of the epidemiological history, and of relevant knowledge about viral respiratory diseases, lead me to postulate that the “COVID peak” results from an accelerated mass homicide of immune-vulnerable individuals, and individuals made more immune-vulnerable, by government and institutional actions, rather than being an epidemiological signature of a novel virus ~ Professor Denis Rancourt

Helen Petousis-Harris spoke with Sean Plunket on The Platform on 6 December 2023. We have critiqued and corrected their attempts to diminish covid-jab myocarditis previously.

This time, Plunket asked Petousis-Harris onto his show as an “expert who understands the science”, in the wake of the ‘Mother of All Revelations’ (MOAR) by Liz Gunn and whistleblower Barry Young. We were unsurprised by the hurried attempt at damage control, again using the Platform, but Petousis-Harris’s clumsy ‘mistruths’ still shock every time. Lives are being lost here.

We pushed through Plunket’s asinine derogations, and Petousis-Harris’ vague assertions and guesstimates, to provide a critical analysis of her main claims regarding New Zealand’s excess mortality and the health harms occurring to the population since the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination program. They quickly launched into a guessing game of opinions and assumptions about why “the anti-vaxxer cooker community” are wrong.

Petousis-Harris claims that New Zealand has had negative excess deaths over the period of Covid.

Whilst this was true in 2020, prior to the vaccine rollout, it is demonstrably false for 2021 and 2022, using the government’s own data. She neither identifies the source of her claims, the actual numbers, nor the method of calculation, but it is likely that she is referencing an erroneous mathematical model used by Our World in Data, which uses population growth projections based on pre-pandemic rates of 1.5%-2%.

In fact, according to StatsNZ, the population increased by a mere 21,100 people in 2021 and 5,800 people in 2022, which in no way, shape or form, explains the increased numbers of deaths being seen. Even the mainstream media can’t hide from the tidal wave of deaths we are suffering.

Petousis-Harris Excess Mortality Table NZ Stats

For more detailed information see this 9 December article comparing excess deaths since 2020 with deaths attributed to Covid-19. It is abundantly clear that Petousis-Harris either does not understand the mathematical models she references, or she is deliberately dishonest. Something began killing New Zealanders at unprecedented rates, as soon as the vaccine rollout began.

As to the issue of specific batches being more toxic than others,

it is difficult to understand the logic to her fumbled comment about this, which Plunket was quick to move on from. As someone interested in vaccine safety, Petousis-Harris must surely be aware that serious concerns have been raised about the absence of good manufacturing practices and evidence that certain lots appear to be responsible for the majority of adverse events, which at the very least calls for a halt to the product until further investigations are made.

During their interview neither Plunket or Petousis-Harris mentioned:

The issue of DNA contamination being raised by teams of serious scientists whose qualifications include pharmacology, genetics, toxicology, microbiology, immunology, cardiology, epidemiology, biochemistry, computational biology and more. Not exactly “cookers” as Sean wants the nation to believe. We highly recommend the book mRNA Toxicity for details on the various ways these products can cause harm, written by a group of independent medical scientists at Doctors 4 Covid Ethics.

In dismissing adverse events following immunisation, she fully reveals herself as an actual dis-info agent or incompetent.

Petousis-Harris plucked the number ten out of the sky as her guesstimate of the number of people living with long-term consequences. ACC has accepted well over a thousand claims. The government planned for 1.1% chronic disability even before the batches began arriving. One look at the most recent Medsafe Safety Report (from Nov 2022) documents that over a year ago there were 3,688 reports of serious injury.  However, we are not convinced that is the true number, as an OIA from April 2023 asked about the number of serious adverse events and the response provided a chart on page 2 detailing over 13,000 serious reports.We have written in depth about this previously.  Why have Medsafe ceased publishing these safety reports?

She claims that a mere four people have died as a probable or possible result of an adverse event, which she followed up with “I don’t think there’s anyone you can say is absolutely definitive“. (Really? Perhaps she should chat to the coroners of Rory Nairn and Amanda Smees who found otherwise).

She goes on to suggest that there are ways to determine causality, as we have written about and which she is clearly blocking, but her floundering is devoid of explanation as to why so many deaths are not being appropriately investigated. Read the case of the deceased 30yo Garrett Utting and also that of Jessica who suffered from encephalitis (brain inflammation) for insight into the dismissive ways that bereaved families and the injured are being treated.

Petousis-Harris repeatedly mentions the need for people’s private data to remain confidential, whilst referencing an anonymised dataset. Did she ever make comment about confidentiality during the dystopian days of 2021-2022, when New Zealanders were policing each other’s medical choices via the “vaccine passport”, masking rules and QR code scanning?

Her claim that mortality has only increased concurrent to covid surges is incorrect. Disingenuously she ignores the fact that 3,549 New Zealand deaths have been attributed to Covid since 2020, whilst we have over 8,000 excess deaths to the end of 2022 alone. Furthermore, it is abhorrent to suggest covertly that 4 deaths due to the vaccine vs the 3549 due to Covid (mostly vaccinated, by the way) means the vaccination program was justified.  These were 4 healthy people who were likely to experience covid as nothing more than a flu.

Equally she makes no mention of the phenomenon of vaccine-associated enhanced disease (VAED), which may well be the cause of some, perhaps even many, of our covid deaths, and is not being investigated. We worry there is much more of this VAED to come for the vaccinated community.

Plunket’s suggestion which Petousis-Harris appeared to agree with, that the vaccines reduce the chances of a person getting and transmitting covid, of having a severe case of covid, and of being hospitalised due to covid, are directly contradicted by the data which he claims Petousis-Harris is terribly well-versed in due to being an expert. New Zealand’s real world data is supported by an array of literature showing that the more doses a person has, the more likely they are to be infected, to develop serious illness, to be hospitalised, and to die with Covid-19. This is well explained by the mechanisms of action and harm.

Petousis-Harris Covid Weekly Stats to Monday 12 Dec 23
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Plunket described to Petousis-Harris, his own experience of taking two doses of Covid-19 vaccine and having two bouts of infection, the second of which was “nasty”. He was diagnosed with a heart condition after taking the vaccine, which can also be explained by the mechanisms of harm. (As Sean noted, other potentially relevant risk factors for cardiovascular disease include smoking, excess weight, stress, alcohol).  If it were not so sad, his unwittingly holding himself up as an example of the literature he claims is “conspiracy theory” would be laughable.

Of further note, both of them have stated publicly they won’t be taking the boosters. Many New Zealanders agree with them on that at least.

The vaccinologist in the room, who should understand the mechanisms of action and that they are reflected in the data as well as in Sean’s own anecdote, said nothing except “stick with the science”. Her science is plucked from thin air still, and we boggle at the damage she is doing, though it seems people are deserting endless boosters – and her advice – in droves. 

Petousis-Harris added to her litany of lies by claiming that Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS) is not an adverse event occurring after mRNA vaccination. Independent literature shows otherwise, and Pfizer’s own documents show otherwise.

Pfizer Post Marketing GBS Petousis-Harris
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In a brilliant demonstration of his devotion to accurate data, Plunket then read out a text message from a listener regarding the Ministry of Health exemptions. Petousis-Harris claimed ignorance on the matter and Plunket was unsure if it was 11,000 or 1,100 MoH staff who were exempted (it was 11,005 according to the FOIA response). The issue was brushed aside in favour of talking about the fact that “safe and effective” can never be absolute before moving to the subject of Long Covid.

Surely Petousis-Harris would have something to say about the overlaps between vaccine injury and Long Covid? Instead, she talked about how terrified she is of developing Long Covid. In the face of what is known, how does this make sense?

Helen Petousis-Harris claims no conflicts of interest. What do you think?

Dr Peter Canaday has previously written of Petousis-Harris’ professional connections. Besides being co-director of the Global Vaccine Data Network, and prior chair of the WHO Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety, which partners with Bill Gates’ GAVI, Petousis-Harris is also on the Science Board of the Brighton Collaboration (now part of the Task Force for Global Health). Brighton Collaboration is funded by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) to produce the Safety Platform for Emergency Vaccines (SPEAC). This group deals with expediting the production and distribution of vaccines during epidemics.

CEPI was founded in Davos, Switzerland, by the governments of Norway and India, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust, and the World Economic Forum, and to date has secured financial support from many countries including NZ, as well as USAID  – well known for it’s links to the CIA.

Additionally, CEPI has also received support from private sector entities as well as public contributions through the UN Foundation COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Thus, Helen Petousis-Harris is engaged with a global collaboration of many public and private stakeholders that aims to maximise vaccine development and sales. She is conflicted completely by her links to the vaccine industry and it’s private investors, such that she sits front and centre in Dr David Bell’s pandemic industry infographic.

petousis-harris pandemic cycle
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Overall, this was a predictably disappointing interview, with an expert who came unprepared to discuss the data, choosing instead to use guesses and opinions to continue promoting unsafe, ineffective and highly profitable products. The pandemic response that Petousis-Harris has persistently advocated for has been described by experts such as Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology at Yale University, Harvey Risch, as a militarised action which “did the exact opposite to all established public health protocols for managing a respiratory virus pandemic“.

Her vague assertions and clear industry bias cannot stand unopposed. Lives are at stake.

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