SOUR SOP (Tropical fruit – Annona muricata) for treatment of Cancer – what is the evidence – 4 studies reviewed. A new July 2023 study suggests what is the optimal way to consume it

DR. WILLIAM MAKIS MD | 19 Dec 2023

SOURSOP (Annona muricata) – Medical Publications on Cancer Treatment

  • 2022 Feb (Mutakin et al, Indonesia) – Pharmacological Activities of Soursop (Annona muricata Lin.)
  • 2022 Aug (Afzaal et al, Pakistan) – Nutritional and Therapeutic Potential of Soursop
  • 2022 Sep (Ilango et al, India) – A Review on Annona muricata and Its Anticancer Activity
  • 2023 July (Silihe et al) – Comparative anticancer effects of Annona muricata Linn (Annonaceae) leaves and fruits on DMBA-induced breast cancer in female rats

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