George Galloway’s Statement in UK Parliament on Isis airstrikes

Information Clearing House | 27 Sept 2014

George Galloway gave one of the most controversial speeches in today’s parliamentary debate considering the whether the UK should take action against the Islamic State in Iraq, as MPs tried to shout down the Respect MP.
Galloway told MPs that the terrorist group, popularly known as ISIS or ISIL, only controlled so much of Iraq as the population allowed them to do so, angered by previous Western military actions.
“That population is quiescent because of Western policies and Western invasion,” he said, adding that the group “could not survive for five minutes if the tribes of Western Iraq rose up against them.”



You’re getting sleepy. So, so sleepy. When I count to three you will want war, war, war.


British MPs support UK air strikes against IS in Iraq: The UK Parliament has backed British participation in air strikes against Islamic State extremists in Iraq. After a seven-hour debate, MPs voted for military action by 524 votes to 43.

How your MP voted on Iraq strikes: The motion was opposed by six Conservatives, one Liberal Democrat, and 23 Labour MPs, with Rushanara Ali abstaining by voting for and against. She resigned from the opposition front bench in order to abstain.

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