Two RADCON 5′s – NY City Area! Why The High Radiation Counts? Is ISIS About To Make Good On Their Threats To New York?

All Pipeline News | 28 Sept 2014

We have just been notified that authorities may be looking for ‘loose buckets of sunshine’ in the New York area, just days after an ISIS threat upon New York and as verified by the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center (NETC) now showing TWO RADCON 5 Alerts in the greater NY City area. You can check out screenshots of the NETC’s two RADCON 5′s below as well as the 1st video, of an ISIS member making threats upon New York, warning that ISIS members are mobilizing there now. Why haven’t there been any public announcements about this yet by our mainstream media? Are ‘loose buckets of sunshine’ (nuclear weapons) now in the vicinity of NY City, resulting in the RADCON 5′s shown below? The 2nd video below, from TopGunMilitary, shares much more on NY City going on ‘high alert’ due to these ISIS threats.





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