Cynical New PR Stunt Greases Skids For “Humanitarian” Invasion of Syria

Paul Joseph Watson

January 21, 2014

Following an influential think tank’s call for a humanitarian “realpolitik” stunt to be pulled to weaken President Assad’s position, a report has miraculously emerged just 24 hours before the start of the ‘Geneva II’ conference which alleges systematic torture and abuse by Assad’s regime.

According to the BBC, the report was “commissioned by Qatar,” which has been an enthusiastic backer of the opposition rebels since day one. It alleges that 55,000 digital images of 11,000 detainees show evidence of torture, starvation and execution. The images were reportedly smuggled out of Syria by a defector named Caesar.

“Caesar” was apparently happy to take photos of dead bodies for years before releasing them to be made public just 24 hours before the start of Geneva II. The photos were investigated by a legal team comprising of the prosecutors of ex-Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic and President Charles Taylor of Liberia.

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