Rouble vs. Dollar Games – From a Perspective of a Russian Businessman

Zems | Live Journal- Fort Russ | 16 Dec 2014

Only the lazy are not writing about this subject today. But everyone for some reason is looking in the wrong direction. Let me explain:

– Our country has a stock of dollars

– The currency of our country – roubles – is held by other countries

– We – Russia – are planning to sell oil for roubles in the future

– Everyone who buys oil from us in the future will have to look for these roubles to buy oil

The harder it is to look for them, the more expensive they will be

Naturally, the task is simple – we need to drop the rouble to the bottom, and then buy all the roubles that we can, giving away the dollars that are no longer needed and not guaranteed by anything. This will help concentrate all of the roubles inside the country and to assign their price independently, while holding and releasing more money to the market.

Meanwhile there will be a short-term increase in prices and a reduction in living standards, but it’s like an incision by a surgeon – a little painful at first, but then you will be healthy and strong for the rest of your life.

I am sincerely surprised by the hysteria and resentment against the government regarding the devaluation of the rouble. Is it so hard to look more than a month into the future? Everything is done correctly and wisely, so everything will be all right, guys  =)

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