London Mayor: Obama Is ‘Ridiculous And Weird’

Daily Mail | April 24, 2016

Boris Johnson has launched an astonishing attack on Barack Obama’s ‘ridiculous and weird’ arguments for Britain to stay in the EU.

In an outspoken assault last night, the London Mayor mocked the US President’s controversial claim that Anglo-US trade would be hit by Brexit.

And he stepped up his war of words with Obama over Winston Churchill, claiming that the wartime leader and the US both stood for democracy – and that the EU didn’t. Brexit cheerleader Johnson spoke out as infighting broke out among senior figures in the ‘Leave’ campaign after Obama’s devastating intervention.

Some privately admitted they fear they are heading for defeat in the referendum on June 23.

Prominent pro-‘Leave’ Tory MP Peter Bone said: ‘Our message is being drowned out by the Government.’ And one ‘Leave’ official said: ‘We had no idea Boris was going to attack Obama so provocatively. It was a misjudgment. He must stop going off-piste.’

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