Was Prince Murdered By Illuminati Record Execs

Infowars | 21 April 2016

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Prince left us at the early age of 57. Way too young and sudden. We lost a master musician who will go down in music history as the modern equivalent to Mozart. Prince had mastered 27 instruments by the age of 19 and played every instrument on his debut album. And proceeded to sell over 100 million albums worldwide. During the middle of his career Prince had a very public falling out with the music industry. His record company Warner Bros. in particular. When in 1996 he had slave written on his face and changed his name to a symbol. Prince regained his catalog only after “billboard-the ability to terminate master recording copyright after 35 years was granted in the Copyright Revision Act of 1976 and became effective in 1978, the year that Prince’s debut album came out.”

And this should serve as a possible clue to his unexpected demise. As Many questions surround Prince’s gradual decline in health and his eventual death in an elevator at his sprawling Paisley Park home arise.

Prince was worth an estimated $300 million. Did he leave a will? Minnesota law states his vast fortune will likely go to one of his remaining siblings if he left no will. Where will his money and vast royalties go?

He recorded countless hours of music that were relegated to a vault. Far away from the theives dominating the record industry. While he regained his catalog. It is still unclear if the transfer of rights activated as the 35 year terminated on each one of his subsequent releases. Does Prince’s death place his catalog back in the hands of the record company?

His last Instagram message says “Just when you thought you were safe.” Was this a reference to the record company hell hounds on his trail. And his second to last twitter post was a picture of Edward G Robinson. Is this a clue? Edward G Robinson died from an unexpected and aggressive bout with bladder cancer. Was Prince dying?

The nature of Prince’s deteriorating health is still somewhat of a mystery. While on his solo piano tour. His plane was diverted to an Illinois Airport. He was given a shot in order to counteract a reported opiate in his system. He was told by the doctor to stay for 24 hours of observation. But he left for his home in Paisley Park after three hours because the hospital wouldn’t give his entourage a private room. He had made numerous trips to the local drugstore and patrons and employees reported that he was in frail health.

But what stands out the most. Is that Prince was on the verge of yet another wave in his career. And he had total control. Prince became a Jehovah’s Witness in 2001. Yet he had witnessed the hidden power structure in all of its satanic glory. His public views on the growing awareness of the new world order were numerous.
And he may have been pursuing a way to present the truth in a larger sense. Man cow…

Last month, Sony acquired Michael Jackson’s catalog from his estate for $750 million. Michael complained the illuminati record industry was trying to kill him up until his untimely death. Something Michael’s sister Latoya went on a media tour to explain after Michael’s death.

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