Hillary Clinton : The Latest Person of Power to Get “Devil Horns” on the Cover of Time … Are They Trying to Tell Us Something?

Vigilant Citizen | 20 March 2015

Hillary Clinton is on the cover of the March issue of Time magazine. She is also the latest person of power to get the infamous “devil horn” treatment. Is Time trying to tell us something?


Since its creation in 1923, Time quickly became a staple in mass media, a pillar of written press with great influential power and international reach. With funding coming from the most powerful financial elite of the time (J.P. Morgan and the Rockerfeller’s Standard Oil), Time Inc. became a massive media conglomerate that publishes over 90 magazines including Fortune (and its all-important Fortune 500 list), Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly and Essence.

Through its various publications, Time inc. reaches all kinds of markets. It is however the company’s namesake that remains the most read and, by far, influential. Time‘s traditional “person of the year” selection never fails to generate great interest as it represents the culmination of the year’s media hype. Time will however go down in History for its many iconic magazine covers – many of which managed to define an entire era.

Time's "Red X" cover series is one of the many powerful covers published by the magazine.

There is however another series of Time covers that has been going on for years : The infamous “devil horn” covers, where the heads of important people are placed over the “M” of “TIME” to form horns. While this could easily be dismissed as a coincidence, these “devil horns” have been a persistent trend. Most importantly, they almost always feature people that are important to the occult elite. Are the covers “identifying” who’s part of it?


One thing is for sure, the people at Time know how to make magazine covers. And nothing is done randomly. As a matter of fact, there is a post on the Time magazine website that lists “devil horns” covers! It is as if they WANT us to know that there is something going on there. Here are Time covers with “devil horns”. Notice how all of these people were extremely important for the occult elite at that time.

Hilary Clinton, who might become the next President of the United States is the latest person of power to get the devil horn treatment.

Her husband got the horns a few times.

The current President got one white horn and one black.

There is something devilish about that Bill Gates cover, especially combined with the title "Master of the Universe".


General Petraeus - the most important figure of the war in Iraq, who became director of the CIA between 2011 and 2012. He got the horns.

Angelina Jolie turned from sex symbol to a powerful figure who attends elite forums such as the World Economic Forum.


Billy Graham was the "spiritual advisor" of several U.S. Presidents such as Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. Fritz Sprinmeier identified Graham as a member of the occult elite and a Monarch mind control handler.

Popes keep getting the horns treatment from Time.

The previous pope got the treatment as well.

That's ... pretty messed up.

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