Former Canadian Acting PM Paul Hellyer: “USA in grave danger.” Exposes Cabal, calls for New Energy, ET Disclosure, Cabal ouster in 2016 Election

News Inside Out | 19 March 2015


VANCOUVER, BC – In a video statement released March 18, 2015, Former Canadian acting Prime Minister Paul Hellyer, declaring the USA to be “in grave danger”, exposed the Shadow Cabal controllers and called upon the American people to elect a new Administration committed to the disclosure and public distribution of sequestered New Energy technologies and disclosure of the ET presence in the coming 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

USA recaptured by loyal Americans in 2016

Mr. Hellyer urged that the USA and its government “be recaptured by loyal Americans” in 2016 from Cabal controllers in banking, petroleum, corporate sector, intelligence, including the CIA, FBI and sectors of the US military. Mr. Hellyer was also Minister of Defence of Canada.

Mr. Hellyer stated that this 2016 U.S. election might be our collective last opportunity to chose between a peaceful and positive future for our Earth, or the destruction of our civilization, as other civilizations and species have self-destructed in the past.

Military Industrial Complex = Nazi New World Order = Perpetual War financed by the Cabal

In his statement, Mr. Hellyer reviews the history of Operation Paperclip, the secret appropriation of ET technology to the war machine starting with the 1947 Roswell ET saucer crash, the “cult” of psychological warfare against the American and world population by the Cabal in ordering extraterrestrial craft to be identified as swamp gas.

Mr. Hellyer notes that only after President Eisenhower threatened to storm Area S1 and Area 51 with the US 1st Army was Eisenhower as US President given any access to the military industrial complex retro-engineering extraterrestrial technology there for Cabal-directed projects. This episode of the Eisenhower Presidency led to President Eisenhower’s famed “Beware of the Military-Industrial Complex” speech.

This same Cabal and Military Industrial Complex, Mr. Hellyer notes, has gone on to be responsible for the false flag operations of 9/11 and the War on Terror, in which high members of the Bush Administration [George W. Bush; Richard B. Cheney; Donald H. Rumsfeld et. al.]. Mr. Hellyer termed the false flag operations of 9/11 and the War on Terror the most serious social regression in our civilization in 800 years, since the Crusades, which ended in the 1200s.

Policies for a Positive Future

In his video statement, Paul Hellyer urges a number of policies to ensure a positive path to the future.

End the Banking Cabal – Mr. Hellyer strongly urges dismantling the Banking cabal, its infrastructure and its practices, with the first step of dismantling the Federal Reserve Bank, created by legislative fraud in Dec. 1913 through the mentorship of Cabal kingpins the Rothschilds. Mr. Heller even urges the U.S. Treasury to issue $2 trillion platinum coins and cancel its public debts to the Federal Reserve immediately.

Religions move from Duality to Unity Consciousness – Noting that he had to turn 80 before he found out that Allah was his God also, Paul Hellyer urged world religions – Islam, Christianity, Judaism and others – to move from Cabal-manipulated Duality consciousness [I win you lose] to Unity Consciousness [We are One].

Secret Treaties with Manipulatory and other Extraterrestrials – Because of the research suggesting the existence of secret Treaties with specific manipulatory extraterrestrial civilizations granting these ETs the rights to abduct and experiment on humans in exchange for ET technology, Mr. Hellyer urges that the Cabal be forced to release the full terms of all Agreements and Treaties with ETs.

US National Security Act of 1947 – Peace & Reconciliation Amnesty Process Mr. Hellyer suggests amendment rolling back the US National Security Act of 1947 permitting a Peace and Reconciliation Amnesty process so that all individuals involved in the secret compartmentalized ET-related or exotic projects can come forward and make public the actions they undertook in the secret ET treaties and programs without fear of being prosecuted criminally or for security breaches.

Secret technology patents made public – Mr. Hellyer suggests that the secret patents on exotic technology, all made with public funds, be made public and that these technologies be facilitated for distribution in the marketplace.

7 years shift from Petroleum Economy to Clean New Energy Economy – With the Cabal’s hold on the Petroleum economy and new technologies removed, Mr. Hellyer demonstrates how the shift from a petroleum-based economy to a clean, new energy based economy can happen in 7 years.

Oceans restored before the food chain is permanently broken – Cabal False flag operations like Fukushima, the BP oil spill and others are negatively impacting the ocean’s food chain, catastrophically in the case of some species and ocean areas. Mr. Hellyer in his video statement discusses the urgent steps that the new US Administration and others must take to save the Ocean food chain before it is permanently destroyed.

Reforestation to restore carbon sinks – Mr. Hellyer urges reforestation of Earth to restore the planet’s carbon sinks.

HAARP & Chemtrails – Terming HAARP and chemtrails the “twins of death and destruction” of GeoEngineering, and population mind control for Cabal Transhumanist Agenda to robotize humans into a robotized, soul-less, Artificial Intelligence directed species, Mr. Hellyer called to a multi-billion dollar class action against the US Air Force, its contractors and suppliers. Presumably this popular-based class action lawsuit can be continued against the 17 and more known HAARP installations world-wide.

Humanity’s Survival

Paul Hellyer’s closes his statement to the American – and world – people by reminding us that we are at a cross-roads in humanity’s survival, between Cabal-induced genocide and ecocide on the one hand, and if the 99% of humans awaken, to a positive future of peace.


THE MONEY MAFIA by Paul T. Hellyer

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