Terrifying truth about terror finally told on TV

VT | 7 June 2016

Its a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it

Watch the interview at Press TV

I love going up against inside-the-beltway propagandists and giving their worldview a serious pummeling. This was my first time opposite Michael Lane, who did a pretty good job feigning outrage when I mentioned the 9/11 inside job.  -KB 

Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, editor of Veterans Today from Madison, and Michael Lane, with the American Institute for Foreign Policy from Washington, about a recent US report on Iran.

Barrett says the US report brands Iran as a “state sponsor of terrorism” but then says the biggest global terror threat is the Daesh Takfiri group, which Iran is fighting effectively.

“The word terrorism … is now being used by the world’s biggest terrorists in Washington DC and Tel Aviv to demonize the people who are fighting terrorism and there’s no better example than the State Department terror report that puts Iran, the world’s leading anti-terrorist force, at the top of a terror list,” he says.

The reason behind the designation is that Tehran is supporting the Palestinian people to fight against the “genocidal entity of Israel,” the activist said.

Lane echoed Barrett’s views, saying US listing of Iran as a “state sponsor of terrorism” is because of Tehran’s support for resistance movements in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon as well as the opposition in Bahrain.

“There are several contradictory points in the US annual report on state sponsors of terrorism, particularly when Iran is criticized for supporting groups that are identified as terrorist but yet they are fighting ISIL in the Middle East region.”

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