The Political Establishment Will Exploit the Murder of Jo Cox to Kill Brexit

Paul Joseph Watson | 16 June 2016

‘Not all Muslims’ crowd will blame all ‘Vote Leave’ conservatives for shooting of MP

The shooting of Labour MP Jo Cox will be swiftly exploited by the political establishment and blamed on those who want to limit immigration and vote to leave the European Union.

Mother of three Cox, who supported the ‘Vote Remain’ campaign, was stabbed and shot in her constituency near Leeds today.

The killer reportedly shouted “Britain first” during the incident, although Maria Eagle MP, one of the most prominent people to make this claim, has since deleted her tweet about it.


When another eyewitness was asked if he heard “Britain first” being shouted, he responded that he “never heard that”.

Another eyewitness told Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam that he didn’t hear the words either.


It has since emerged that the man has received treatment for mental illness and was in receipt of “psychotherapy and medication”. He also “had no political views” and no opinion on the EU referendum.

However, the facts don’t really matter to the left, who scream “Not All Muslims!” after every Islamist attack, but will immediately exploit the death of Jo Cox to frame ‘Vote Leave’ supporters as dangerous extremists.

As Mike Cernovich writes, “The media will use the Jo Cox shooting as a way to push the pro-EU narrative. Watch it happen in real time. Agenda “journalism.”

Pro-EU politicians are already shamefully exploiting the incident to push their agenda.


Newspapers falsely reported that the killer was pro-Brexit before Cox had even died.


The fact that such an incident would occur right before the referendum vote, which polls show is tighter than ever, was painfully predictable. Guardian writer Charlie Skelton predicted a “security” scare would impact the outcome of Brexit.


‘Vote Remain’ supporters are already blaming the shooting on people who want to limit immigration.


Another blamed “Brexit hardliners” for the shooting.


The stage is now set for the next week – the callous, fearmongering ‘Vote Remain’ campaign will do what they do best – scare people into submission, by claiming that anyone who supports Britain regaining control of its own country from unelected EU bureaucrats is an extremist who supports the murder of innocent people.



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