Pfizer has a plan to MURDER doctors who’ve been talking up safe early COVID remedies, according to Dr. Zelenko (who’s been warned to hire security, as has Dr. Bryan Ardis)

Mark Crispin Miller | 29 Mar 2022

Such honest healers are impeding Big Pharma’s “Final Solution”—i.e., to get EVERYBODY not just jabbed, but also taking Dr. Fauci’s poisonous remdesevir as an “early COVID treatment”

Dr. Zelenko on the Stew Peters Show:

If you think his story is far-fetched, you probably don’t know (since “our free press” has never mentioned it) that scores of holistic doctors wound up prematurely dead, from 2015 to 2018, their passing allegedly due either to “suicide” or some freak accident. This was reported only by Erin Elizabeth on Health Nut News, as here:

And that wave of untimely deaths had been preceded by the sudden and untimely deaths of over 100 microbiologists—a fact laughed off as “conspiracy theory” by propaganda vectors like the Boston Globe, even though (or, rather, because) it’s indisputable:

Unless those two big clusters of untimely deaths were just a horrible coincidence, it seems—in light of what was happened since, and what is happening now—that they were purposely arranged, to clear the field of experts likely to raise inconvenient questions vis-a-vis “the virus” and those murderous “vaccines.” (Kary Mullis, d. August 7, 2019, would have been just such an inconvenient questioner, especially of Dr. Fauci’s expertise and honesty.)

That grim pre-history, and the unassailable integrity of my friend Zev Zelenko, tell me that this threat he’s now reported is for real; and, therefore, that we all must spread the word about it, so that those planning to get rid of such good doctors will back off.

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