Were Election Deniers and Conspiracy Theorists Just Vindicated?

Igor Chudov | 5 Oct 2022

Two Articles One Day Apart

Various Internet conspiracy theorists and ignorant, misinformed election deniers have been saying for months that a small elections software company was a China influence operation. If there are any reading this substack, shame on you! It must be your fault that the chief executive, Eugene Yu, went into hiding, wrote New York Times’ Stuart Thompson yesterday.

Your unhinged and baseless conspiracy theories might be killing people and possibly are responsible for sudden and unexpected stress-related deaths among New York Times writers.

Obviously, the safe and effective booster that NY Times’ Tejada received a day before his untimely death, had nothing to do with his passing:

Ashamed now? Ready to change your mind about these unfounded, baseless election conspiracy theories you have been passing around? Hold on, because a day later, THIS comes out:

Turns out that pretty much everything “election deniers” said about Konnech was true, and Eugene Yu had good reasons to go into hiding.

What did George Soros-sponsored LA attorney George Gascon say about this?

The county released few other details about its investigation. But it said in its statement that the charges related only to data about poll workers — and that “the alleged conduct had no impact on the tabulation of votes and did not alter election results.”


A question arises, though, why was the most liberal county of California so desperate to arrest Eugene Yu? Did they possibly want to have Mr. Yu in its custody, as opposed to, say, custody in Georgia where Mr. Yu might actually start giving testimony?

What do you think?


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