Death at 87 Elie Wiesel The Fakir!

Dr Steve Pieczenik | 3 July 2016

Death at 87 Elie Wiesel The Fakir!Wiesel was one of the first professional writers to make a living documenting the deaths of Jews during WWII. Once again, the official narrative of an atrocity in history becomes distorted and blown out of proportion when a person like Elie Wiesel dies.

My first and last encounter with Elie Wiesel was in the latter part of the 1950’s in Toulouse, France. He was speaking in French with a heavy Romanian accent.He was discussing the Holocaust.The audience was composed of Jews of all types who had suffered one way or another through WWII.


There were French, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Austrian and German Jews who were perplexed about Wiesel’s highly exaggerated tale of serving as a ‘personal witness’ to the atrocities of Auschwitz and Josef Mengele.

No one, in that highly professional audience of doctors, lawyers, soldiers and businessmen felt that Wiesel or his story was credible as he expounded it. Instead, those of us [I was in my early teens] felt that Wiesel, who had gone through the atrocities of WWII, had been used as tool of the post WWII French government.We all knew, including my family members who had served in the French/Polish divisions during WWII, that France had more collaborators than resistance fighters.In fact, Toulouse was the center of what little French resistance existed during WWII.

Most people in the audience understood that this presumably religious Hasidic Jew, Wiesel, had ample opportunity to flee his country as the Soviet Army advanced toward his town in Romania/Hungary. Yet for some reason, having ample time to escape the Nazi barbarity, Wiesel and family decided not to leave. Already we were suspicious of this French/Israeli ‘journalist’ [read agent].

By the 1950’s, no surviving Jew was glorifying his/her time in the different internment camps.No one dared to discuss their survival for one or another reason [usually due to guilt or fear].We, WWII refugees in Toulouse, were sophisticated enough to  suspect that France, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Israel/Palestine and the US would create fanciful narratives in the future to co-opt any  subsequent incriminations or recriminations concerning their collective guilt resulting from outright negligence/malfeasance toward the plight of the Jews before, during and after WWII.

Wiesel was the first of the professional who would work for various governments around the world to provide a flimsy veneer of concern and intellectual gravitas to a group of countries which had been actively collaborating with Nazi Germany.

As expected, this Romanian story-peddler has written a book, Night which most of my friends/family who were in the Nazi camps considered to be, at best ‘fiction,’ and at worst, a self-serving narrative to make money. At that time,many of us refugees considered what he was doing as ‘earning  blood money’ from the collective tragedies of our friends and families.


Many of the Polish physicians who were interned in the concentration camp; as well as, German POW camps, had already written about Dr. Josef Mengele and his atrocious experiments funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Endowment, and Stanford University [all eager to study eugenics].

Years later, Wiesel came to NYC, living just around the block from me on the Upper West End Ave. He found work as a lecturer at CCNY and other Jewish organizations that fed off his increasingly distorted narratives about his so-called experiences.Very few dared to challenge his highly polished presentations.

Yet, throughout his journey of self-aggrandizement he never spoke out about the following events that also defined the collective perfidiousness of the Nazi era:

  • 1933-36 American Jews under Rabbi Stephen Weiss allowed the German/Nazi to receive the necessary millions of dollars to allow for the growth of Hitler [The Transfer Agreement] .
  • Holland had exterminated 93% of Dutch Jews without the help of any Nazis. In fact, Holland had three work camps which it hid throughout the war. 25,000 Dutch soldiers served voluntarily in the SS.
  • Holland concocted the “Anne Frank Story” as a cover-up for its wanton brutality to the Dutch Jews.
  • Sweden sent Raoul Wallenberg to Hungary at the insistence of the American OSS which was ready to indict both his father/uncle for specifically manufacturing weapons for the Nazi machinery and directly funding the rise of Hitler.
  • The Bush/Ford/Dulles families were directly involved in helping the rise of Hitler and his industrial juggernaut.
  • Denmark concocted a story of the Danish King wore a Jewish star in support of their Jews when in fact the Danish Jews were helped by Admiral Canaris [head of the Nazi intelligence] to flee to Sweden for a price.
  • Wiesel never incriminated any of his own people, the Hasidic Jews for being the Judenrats who worked with the Nazis to place less Orthodox Jews into the internment camps. Specifically, Wiesel was afraid to denounce Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, a Lubavitcher Rabbi, creator of Chabad, who fled the Warsaw Ghetto with the help of Nazi officers, who were paid off by his American followers.Once in America, Schneerson, the Rabbinical sociopath [an electrical engineer]  publicly stated that “we, Jews, deserved to die because we did not follow the teachings of the Torah”.

It’s fascinating to me that both of these raging Jewish sociopaths, Wiesel and Schneerson, were so morally corrupted that each of them had no problem being feted by the incredibly ignorant/arrogant Presidents Carter, Clinton, Obama. Each of these simpleton Presidents made both Wiesel/Sheneerson national heroes deserving of major accolades and applauds.


Wiesel was a weasel. 

He took a tragedy, concocted a number of deaths [6 million Jews] when there was never such numbers of our people anywhere. In turn, Israel used him to justify the legitimacy of the state of Israel, by using the contrived shibboleth, “never forget” to solicit military aid from the guilt-ridden.

He never mentioned the fact that Israel never helped or saved hundreds of thousands of Jews when they had a chance.

No mention was ever made of a tiny country like Bulgaria where their Archbishop directly confronted Hitler’s military to defy the order to deport their 56,000 Bulgarian Jews.Wiesel never decried the countless millions of innocent people slaughtered during the Stalinist purges from 1933 onward throughout WWII.

I could go on and on about the lack of veracity and gravitas in this Elie Wiesel.I find it both ironic and fitting that Wiesel was financially scammed by another Jewish sociopath–Bernie Maddoff. Even more telling for me, was the fact that Wiesel received the Richard Holbrooke Award for some nonsense or another.

Wiesel and his ilk are shrewd peddlers of absurd narratives which are disguised within meaningless words like remember, never again or moral authority.There will always be the weaver of tales like Elie Wiesel who will profess some sort of legitimacy created out of a tapestry of sociopathy and self-aggrandizement. Lesson: challenge what you hear!  Look behind the curtain and follow the money.


Death becomes Elie Wiesel, the Fakir!

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