Half of mumps cases had a documented history of the MMR vaccination

Miami Herald | 19 Dec 2017
Even those who are vaccinated can still get the virus, the CDC says
At least 56 cases of mumps have been reported in Florida in 2017, a significant rise over prior years but well below outbreaks in other states, which have reported hundreds of infections this year.
In Florida, mumps cases have occurred across all ages, with the most infections reported in Broward, Collier, Duval, Hillsborough and Palm Beach counties, according to a Florida Department of Health advisory to physicians dated Dec. 11.
The 2017 count includes confirmed and probable cases, said Brad Dalton, a health department spokesman. Dalton said the health department publishes a monthly surveillance report for mumps and other diseases, though the most current report is for November and counts 54 cases.
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