‘Jack the Ripper’ was a gang led by Winston Churchill’s father; not a Polish immigrant

Atlas Monitor | 8 Aug 2014

A new book claims to have revealed the identity of the infamous Jack the Ripper who allegedly committed a series of murders in and around the Whitechapel district of London in 1888.

In Naming Jack the Ripper, by Russell Edwards, a British amateur detective claims to have solved the mystery of the identity of the perpetrator of the Whitechapel murders.

Edwards claims the DNA of 23 year old Polish man Aaron Kosminski was present on a shawl found near the murdered body of Catherine Eddowes, one of Rippers victims.

However a leading authority on the Ripper murders, Donald Rumbelow is sceptical of the books claims and suggests that no shawl was ever found. “I’ve seen these claims many many times before” said Rumbelow dismissively.

“There’s a detailed list of what was found at the scene of Eddowes murder … there is no mention of the shawl” he says.

Rumbelow also notes that police officer Amos Simpson who apparently found the shawl was not a City policeman but in fact stationed in North London so how he came to possess the shawl raises questions over its provenance.

Kosminski was one of several suspects according to the official story which also includes suspects linked to the British Royal family.

British historian John Hamer believes that the Ripper murders are consistent with Masonic ritual murder and were carried out by a gang whose ringleader was Lord Randolph Spencer Churchill. Others in the gang included surgeon William Gull; Cambridge University tutor J. K. Stephen; and metropolitan police commissioner Sir Charles Warren who were all members of the Royal Alpha Masonic Lodge.

Much of this information comes from the diary of police inspector Frederick Abberline which did not see the light of day until 70 years after the murders.

The Ripper murders were committed to cover up a dark secret kept by the British Royal family who had incarcerated Prince Albert Victor (Eddy) in Glamis Castle in Scotland after a failed attempt to ‘get rid’ of Prince Eddy by having him thrown him off a cliff near Balmoral castle. Due to inbreeding Eddy was retarded which caused him to engage in embarrassing behaviour and questionable activities and was consequently shunned by his family.

Eddy also had an illegitimate child with an Irish girl Annie Crook whom he had met through his art tutor Walter Sickert. A friend of Crook, Mary Jean Kelly who was hired to be nursemaid to the child, learned of the Royal secret.

Kelly also worked as a prostitute and had told some of her associates the secret who in an opportunistic fit of fancy attempted to blackmail the Royal family with this information. The Royal family responded by hiring Churchill to deal with the problem. He put together a hunting party that murdered the blackmailers.

Connections to the British Royal family and the Ripper murders have been made before which put Prince Eddy as the main suspect. However Hamer’s detailed and nuanced study has suggested a far more sinister conspiracy that goes right to the dark heart of the British establishment.


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