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Robert Malone | 5 July 2022

Main stream media seemed to miss these stories…I wonder why?

Why the Rush for Toddler Vaccines?

Covid was clearly a health emergency for adults in 2020. By contrast, the urgency now feels political.

The WSJ ran an editorial about the vaccines for toddlers. It’s title above – doesn’t really capture what a strong statement the WSJ has come out with. This is important. If you don’t get the WSJ (subscription only), the conclusion of the article is below. Note the author is on the WSJ editorial board.

More troubling, vaccinated toddlers in Pfizer’s trial were more likely to get severely ill with Covid than those who received a placebo. Pfizer claimed most severe cases weren’t “clinically significant,” whatever that means, but this was all the more reason that the FDA should have required a longer follow-up before authorizing the vaccine.

Also worrisome: Most kids who developed multiple infections during the trial were vaccinated. This warranted more investigation, since experimental vaccines for other diseases sometimes increase susceptibility to infection.

Scientists are also discovering that triple-vaccinated adults who were previously infected with the Wuhan variant have a weaker immune response to Omicron, leaving them more susceptible to reinfection. This phenomenon, called “immunological imprinting,” could explain why children who received three Pfizer shots were more likely to get reinfected.

The FDA brushed aside the risk that inoculating infants against a variant no longer circulating could blunt their immune responses to Omicron and its offshoots. There’s a reason vaccine trials usually take a decade. Some steps can be accelerated, but an extended follow-up is often necessary to ensure potential side effects aren’t overlooked.

The FDA standard for approving vaccines in otherwise healthy people, especially children, is supposed to be higher than for drugs that treat the sick. But the FDA conspicuously lowered its standards to approve Covid vaccines for toddlers. Why? Perhaps it felt pressure from the White House as well as anxious parents. White House Covid response coordinator Ashish Jha repeatedly told parents that he expected vaccines for toddlers would be approved and available in June. Recall how Mr. Biden accused Donald Trump of pressuring the FDA to rush Covid vaccine approvals by suggesting they could be available before the November 2020 election.

Mr. Biden’s hypocrisy is hard to stomach. The FDA, to its credit, accelerated Covid treatments and vaccines when they were desperately needed. But children would have been better off had the FDA taken more time to ensure the vaccines really are safe and effective, even if this meant that America wouldn’t be first.

Ms. Finley is a member of the Journal’s editorial board.

100 Ways Biden and the Democrats Have Made it Harder to Produce Oil & Gas

The American Energy Alliance has come out with a historical document tracing the actions of the administration to stop domestic oil production.

One of the most important items is that on October 30, 2021,  The Department of Labor issued a final ESG Rule that would require fiduciaries to consider the economic effects of climate change and other so-called environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors when evaluating funds for retirement plans. The rule would strongly encourage fiduciaries to draw capital from domestic energy development in oil and natural gas to renewables.

The domestic oil industry (exploration) requires huge amounts of capital. Capital has literally dried up because of their low ESG scores. When I was at the Sovereign Man conference last month, there was an excellent talk on this. It was shocking to find out that domestic oil industry has been decimated by the Biden administration. Decimated by the globalists by attaching ESG scores to specific industries. This can not be a good thing for America.

Joe Biden and the leadership of the Democratic party have a plan for American energy: make it harder to produce and more expensive to purchase. Since Biden took office, his administration and Congressional Democrats have taken over 100 actions deliberately designed to make it harder to produce energy here in America.

32 of these anti-energy proclamations were enacted after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which Biden regularly touts as an excuse for rising gas prices.

This is exactly what the Green New Deal agenda is, making the sources of energy needed every day for families around the country too expensive to afford.

The Democratic plan for lower gas prices is simple: blame everyone else, buy an electric vehicle, and don’t be poor. The Biden administration has made it clear they value the support of the radical environmental lobby more than lowering prices at the pump.

Below is a list of 100 explicitly anti-energy actions taken by the administration since Biden took office last January. A PDF of the full list is available to download here.

A note: Please go to the list or the full article. Read and weep.

I Am Done With The Left-Right Divide. It’s Now The Humans Versus The Deadly Robotic Corporate State

The Founder of “Food Not Bombs”, Keith McHenry is interviewed by Paul Cudenec in this Zero-Sum article. The interview doesn’t get really going on current events until the last third – but then it explodes. I highly recommend reading the article in it’s entirety, as it is full of hidden gems. Of course, here is another long-time liberal questioning everything he believed in. This is a good thing, and well worth reading to understand the political realignment which is currently in progress.

KM: I have often been called a Trumper or right wing by my anarchist and other left friends during this insanity. People are not so bold any more but for the first two years people said they were shocked that I had become a far right Republican Trump follower since I had been known as an anti-war leftist. I think the fact that I have been out on the streets for nearly 900 days, sharing food when the state provided nearly no support at all for the unhoused, has made it difficult for local people to express this opinion openly to me. I am also seeing less of these direct attacks on social media now. I find it interesting that my allies in the anti-globalization and peace movements do not see a connection between our protests against the Weapons of Mass Destruction lies before the Iraq war, GMOs, a woman’s right to choose abortion and big Pharma but now are public about supporting forced vaccination, censorship, and the war in Ukraine.

KM: Based on my having survived four decades of state and corporate intelligence agency disruption, I believe I have an educated guess. It looked like there was an effective strategy linking covertly controlled far right groups waving Trump and Confederate flags and AR-15s with opposition to the COVID policies. I know I didn’t witness any other left anarchists denouncing the policies in the first months so like many others who may have shared my perspective I thought I was alone. The headlines of most corporate media blasted stories like “Coronavirus: Armed protesters enter Michigan statehouse” with the media showing footage of protesters outside state houses chanting “Let us in!”, “Let us work” and “This is the people’s house, you cannot lock us out”. Before COVID, unarmed leftists would have been the ones chanting these slogans but the images of Trump-supporting, gun-toting anti-lockdown protesters helped shape the narrative. In the early days of the crisis, the Los Angeles Times had a story showing a Proud Boy Nazi with swastika tattoos stabbing a pedestrian during a lockdown protest.

But this is only one of the many aspects of the psychological operations that was effective. The use of media to repeatedly claim isolation, masking, social distancing and shots were all about protecting the community and for the greater good of all, fed into some of the core beliefs of the left. No self-respecting leftists wants to be accused of being selfish.

The left also did not want to be anti-science and since all alternative ideas were censored or attributed to tin foil hat Qanon Trumpers it became a badge of honor to smugly sneer at those ignorant hillbilly deplorables.

I also think that those in power were clever and their foundations started to fund a loyal opposition with haste when the Democratic Party chose Biden as the leader of the regime. One of the first reports on the popular left program Democracy Now! featured Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance claiming a bat virus in a Wuhan wet market was the likely source of the Pandemic. My friend, investigative journalist Sam Husseini, was never asked to refute Daszak’s claim even though Sam had several articles published in April 2020, on the history of gain-of-function releases at American-funded bio-weapons laboratories, a dramatic subject that would have interested Amy Goodman before the crisis. The host Amy Goodman breathlessly reported on the refrigerator trucks outside New York City hospitals. She was all in on the official COVID narrative and that has had a major influence on the American left.

“The funding of the non-profit industrial complex is often a means of controlling dissent in the United States”

Foundations have helped to coopt as many left organizations as possible. Most of our allies accepted their support, surrounding the left with community groups who danced to the tune of Gates, Soros and other philanthropists. The funding of the non-profit industrial complex is often a means of controlling dissent in the United States. The messaging was unified and total. It was intimidating. My early posts of “I always support secret military programs and Big Pharma”, in my ironic response to social media demands to comply with the totalitarian program, were either mocked or commented on with confusion. Reminding activists of our struggle against the World Trade Organization and its direct line to the proponents of a digital slavery of vaccine passports, and other programs of globalist associations like the World Economic Forum and The World Trade Organization, seems to have evaporated with the fear of COVID and the potential of being mocked for not going along with the crowd.

I will be keynote speaker at The John Birch Society in August (Florence, KY). I will be speaking on exposing the Covid tyranny machine and sharing ways to resist it and wake others up. If you are attending, introduce yourself!

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