Why is Corporatist Media Now Normalising Cannibalism?

Maajid Nawaz | 28 July 2022

As if 2022 Wasn’t Weird Enough? Soylent Green is People.

“It’s the Year 2022. People Will do Anything to Get What They Need. And They Need Soylent Green”

Why is Corporatist Media Now Normalising Cannibalism?

As if 2022 Wasn’t Weird Enough? Soylent Green is People.

No, this is not a spoof post. If only. Read on.

1) Reality is stranger than fiction

You may have noticed how surreal the current timeline that we inhabit is. Demons have been given permission to wage war on humanity by the devils who live among us. They think they are predators. In truth, they are nothing but pathetic weak little parasites who cannot even control their own lusts. In order to insulate their own perversion against public revulsion, they seek to stain the public’s appetite. This is so that those who would otherwise judge them are guilty of the very same crimes before they even have a chance to realise what they have done.

These parasites have already been sprung. They desperately need the public on their side for when those who yet remain free are all exposed. Like Jimmy Saville, Weinstein, Epstein, Andrew, Brunel, and Nygard, one by one, group by group, they are already starting to fall.

Of course, normalising and promoting such vices only leads to communities tearing themselves apart instead of looking up. Divide and conquer for when economic collapse hits, and riots begin. Just don’t look up. The best form of protection against the mob is to turn the mob. Those who object to this evil are hastily being cast themselves as the evil ones.

With this in mind, you will start to notice every conceivable derangement being incrementally normalised in corporatist media through the use of psychological nudging. From horrific levels of violence to pedophilia, vices are fast becoming virtues.

This includes cannibalism.

The New York Times reports on 23rd July 2022:

2) Nudge, Nudge.

And – along with seeking to normalise pedophilia – this is also a pattern.

Why is it always the behavioural scientists? Nudge, nudge.

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3) The Human Flavoured ‘Gateway Drug’

As any good behavioural scientist will tell you, it’s always good to begin with mere normalisation and suggestion.

Human flavoured fake meat is one way to combine both normalisation and suggestion, in order to develop appetite:

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