Israeli government “lost the agreement” with pfizer for covid vaccines

Bad Cattitude | 18 Dec 2022

the pandemic of lost data and lost contracts is truly going global

so, apparently, the great risk of working from home is the VAST seeming increase in “the dog eating your homework.”

Do Dogs Really Eat Homework? | Wonderopolis

but this is really something.

israel, who everyone around the world was looking to for covid data and covid practice, has seemed to have been asleep at every switch. they were not collecting the safety data people thought they were. much of the “official” data they produced looked oddly tainted, slanted, and spun.

and now they cannot even seen to find the contracts under which they operated.

what an odd outcome.

how terribly, terribly curious.

you can see more detail in this tweet from the israeli public broadcaster.

(watch video here for those who speak hebrew)

this is really quite a document to be unable to produce. it certainly makes one wonder just what was in it that it could be handled so carelessly…

it does look like it turned up though, not that we’re likely to ever get to see it.

we may get some hint on content from an exploration of another little known pfizer contract signed by the israeli government “The Real World Epidemiological Evidence Collaboration Agreement.

(this may also help us to understand the focus and slant of “israeli” studies.)

biznews summarizes:

“The Real World Epidemiological Evidence Collaboration Agreement” was signed on January 6th, 2021. Its declared purpose was to collect and analyse epidemiological data arising from the vaccination of the population in Israel, and to determine if herd immunity would be achieved as a result of the vaccine. In the framework of this agreement, research outcome measures were defined. 

but here is the real lulu:

maybe read that twice.

i mean: woof.

even by covid’s admittedly low standards, this was appalling.

and it kept getting worse.

that’s pretty interesting, no? the company does it and the isreali government puts its name on as author?

seems a little iffy both legally and ethically.

and who can even guess what was in this?

(spoiler alert, probably the good stuff)

and this is going to be a FAR from isolated event. pfizer did this everywhere, signed wild deals with draconian non-disclosure, and quite possibly payed some good sized bribes.

australian investigations are ongoing.

and it would certainly not be the first time:

bribery and malfeasance have long been a part of pfizer culture. you do not become the most fined corporation in human history by coloring inside the lines…

bourla (perhaps wisely) has been refusing to go anywhere near the EU/EP hearings on vaccine contracts.

guess it’s better than making an another “canine consumption” argument…

(how a dog can eat a text is question i struggle to answer; but you know dogs…)

but it really is quite a wonder in this day and age how much “evidence” is going missing.

these contracts are the wedge that will break this open and there sure are a lot of threads hanging out here that will be interesting to see pulled. the way this was contracted, sold, and mandated has been so crooked it could walk through a corkscrew without bending. and it’s starting to leak out from under the rug.

and that means that this is where this gets fun.

i continue to believe that the low energy path for politicians as this keeps going and and as skeletons keep leaking out of closets like they were necropolises is going to be “discovering” pfraud and throwing pfizer et al under the bus.

so many interesting questions yet to be asked in earnest…

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