Potential false-flag ripe for Ukraine

Atlas Monitor | 9 Feb 2015

The Angela Merkel-Francois Hollande dog and pony show put on a five hour performance for Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin, Moscow on Thursday 5 February (NZ time).

The meeting was promoted in the mainstream media as a desperate attempt by Western elites to avoid an escalation in the fighting in Ukraine which finds its’ genesis in the West’s support for the Kiev-coup-regime.

The Merkel-Hollande visit to Moscow is a illustration of the Western (NATO) hysteria that has escalated as the anti-Kiev coup regime rebels close in on the Kiev-coup-regime forces in the city of Debaltsevo in the Donetsk Oblast of Ukraine.

In effect the anti-Kiev rebels have the Kiev forces on the ropes and are in a position to deliver a decisive blow that could ultimately determine the outcome of this conflict in favour of the East-Ukrainian provinces demanding autonomy and independence from the neo-fascist coup regime in Kiev.

Should this outcome prevail it will be a devastating blow for the Anglo-Euro-American-NATO agenda that seeks to pull the Ukraine into the Western sphere of influence in opposition to Moscow.

As it stands the situation in Debaltsevo is that the rebels and Kiev junta have agreed to a ceasefire in order create a humanitarian corridor through which the civilian population can pass to relative safety.

At this point in the fighting, the civilian population in Debaltsevo is providing the junta forces a stay of execution from ultimate defeat.

This all represents a potential turning point in the conflict.

With the Novorussian rebels currently holding the advantage, should we expect to see some kind of staged event used a pretext to justify overt intervention by NATO in order to come to the rescue of the Kiev junta?

Could a false-flag attack on the Debaltsevo civilian population occur as they pass through the humanitarian corridor escorted by the Organization for Co-operation and Security in Europe (OSCE) officals; prompting a mobilization by NATO and inevitable response by Russia?

The implications of such an outcome are dire.

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