The hubris of the New Zealand government’s decision to deploy to Iraq

Atlas Monitor | 29 April 2015

Unfortunately the situation in Iraq and the wider Middle East is now far worse than the predictable consequences of the hubris of Western policy in the Middle East.

The conflict in the M.E. has taken on an even more complicated and peculiar complexion.

Saudi Arabia and Israel are now openly supporting ISIS, Al Qaeda, Jabat Al Nusra and myriad other Sunni extremists in the region. This anomaly has the support of many in Washington.

Put simply, New Zealand’s deployment to Iraq is a hoax. The situation in the M.E. is far too complicated for the NZ government to understand let alone to do anything about.

Here is an excellent article, that illustrates the bizarre complexity in the M.E., by respected American journalist Robert Parry. You will remember Parry as the journalist who broke the Iran-Contra story as it happened. I encourage people to read it very carefully.

Here’s what some including myself predict will happen. The putative intervention to deal with ISIS in Iraq will concentrate ISIS’s operation in Syria which will result in the fall of the Assad regime which will turn Syria into the disasters plaguing Iraq, Libya and Yemen. This will empower Sunni extremists in the region and result in increased attacks on Western targets in the West.

Nothing good can come of NZ or anyone’s interference in the M.E. NZ opposition political parties absolutely must hammer this point until the NZ public gets it and demands that the government cease and desist with this obvious folly.

NZ Prime Minister John Key is currently in the Gulf plugging trade deals with the same absolute monarchies that are supporting Sunni extremism. The same extremism NZ is deploying to Iraq to help combat.

One question that ought to be asked of the Prime Minister in parliament is why John Key is begging for trade deals with despotic regimes that are supporting and exporting terrorism all over the world?

This is a scandal. You cannot make this stuff up.

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